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Laya D. Rose embarked on her fashion career in Washington DC before social media popularity arose. I jump started my career in the retail business by excelling in the retail industry as I started privately shopping, styling for different clients that would come in the retail stores. My name and my styling business increased by word of mouth, I then started shopping for my friends, started gaining more new clients. A few years later my private shopping services grew even more bigger and I then started gaining more attention from a wider upscale clientele base from other cities outside of my own city areas.

I always knew that fashion was my true passion so I began to explore the world of fashion after vacating from the retail franchises for good. Fashion then became my full-time occupation as a independent fulltime personal shopper, stylist and buyer for all my stylish friends and elite clientele. I then decided to transform my passion for fashion into a very bold and stylish business by creating my own online showroom called Dunnuppstyles. I was so nervous in the beginning but my confidence grew even more as I did in my business. I knew then that I had to push myself even harder to pursue my dreams to be able to bring my vision to life on a higher scale in the fashion world.

After the launching of DUS.com I then started show casing my businesses pages and my fashion brands on all social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. 6 yrs later, I then realized that this was what I had been missing all along. I solely found the missing piece that I needed to fit into growing my fearless business into something truly special. I then evaluated my mindset on a more wider creativity, edger and more fearless scale by showcasing my love for fashions and my styling skills on other mainstream social platforms by networking my business, collaborating with different women's nonprofit organizations in my areas. I then realized if I keep pushing myself even harder that one day the bigger and better opportunities would come knocking at my doors.

Over time I then grew in the fashion industry and I then started being asked even more if I would like to showcase my fashions and my styling skills on the runways and on films. I even had a huge opportunities of having my stylish fashions to be featured in several editorial fashion and style magazine.

Shorty over the next few years that past I started doing live broadcasting to engage with my social media platforms by show casing my fashions. I then was asked to join The Fashion Avenue News Magazine as their new fashion media host and style advisor. I soon then transitioned to a new luxury magazine called Glammier Magazine doing the same things. I finally saw that the doors were opening up for me.

I've always been a true lover of all things glamorous, stylishly edgy and fiercely fashionable from a very young age, I owe it all to my beautiful grandmother Carrie D. Thomas for having patience with me by showing me all the do's and don't in fashion. Dunnuppstyles elite businesses platforms are all in honor of C.D.T my beautiful grandmother. I'm solely determined to strive in building a fierce and fashionable empire for decades to come. It was truly my honor and my pleasure in letting you know a little bit about my journey in the fashion world.

My goal is to continue to elevate in my fashion career as I grow on a massive scale to help build up those who want to enhance their fashion and style by taking it to the next levels in a more fierce and confident way of seeing thier own self worth look so stylishly stunning by showcasing their beauty more from the inside and out for a life time to come. DUS Words of advice.... Start being more unapologetically fierce just because you know you mater! Sincerely, Laya D. Rose 🌹

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