Dunnupstyles Owner

Dunnupstyles Owner

Hello I'm Laya D. Rose, I'm reshaping fashion and style in my own stylish way! I'm truly honored to be able to cater to all of your fashionable needs. I have a huge obsession with quality fashions, I adore personal styling and home decorating. I decided I would combine my love for all three things by offering my clientele the best of both worlds with my highly skilled talents.             


Fashion and styling is my creative outlet that allows me to showcase my passion for finding statement fashions for my clientele to snatch up real quick. I've curated this stylish showroom full of statement finds that I've carefully hand picked myself.All of these stylish Items give off it's own elite standards in high quality fashions and style.             


  Fashion to me should always be unapologetic but styled in a upscale and stylish way. I don't believe in basic fashion and style. It's not about the labels or the price. It's all about the quality in the product, it's exclusivity and that's what adds value to all of our fashionable items that we offer our fashionable customers here at Dunnuppstyles showroom.                                         


Unapologetically Speaking!!!!          


 I only desire to offer a limited amount of fashionable pieces to choose from. My online specialty store has exceptional taste in fashion and styling. I will never sale things that I wouldn't want wear myself. I don't desire to sell what everyone else is selling. 💫                          

 Don't Expect Us To, Don't Ever Compare Us To The Others Period!


My fabolous fashion finds will always command it's own attention everytime. Everyone of our items speak highly for themselves with it's own quality taste! Thank you all in advance for supporting my tastefully diverse online fashion and styling businesses. Only stylish vibes allowed!   

 I'm Excited That Your Here... Love🌹