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DUS Boutique Owner

Laya Rose embarked on her fashion career before social media popularity arose. I jump started my career in the retail business by excelling in the retail industry as I started privately shopping, styling for different clients. My name and my business increased by word of mouth, I then started shopping for a upscale clientele base. I always knew fashion was my true passion so I began to explore the world of fashion after vacating from the retail franchises for good. Fashion then became my full-time occupation as a independent fulltime personal shopper and stylist for all my stylish clientele, I then decided to transform my love for fashion into a very bold and stylish business by creating my boutique, Dunnuppstyles then came to life. After the launch of DUS boutique I then realized that this was what I had been missing all along, so I solely found the missing piece that I needed to fit into my business. I have always been a lover of all things stylish, fashionably bold. DUS loves giving off a stylishly unapologetic flar. This makes our fashion choices uniquely timeless. DUS mixes street wear, elegance, funk, and class all into one for myself and for all of my stylish customers to slay. DUS loves customizing a little of everything by turning nothing into something is my true passion for creating stylish looks, when my creative vibes start flowing the rest is history. My business is clearly all about making and selling fashionable statements to all of my favorite customers and clientele to be able to show off stylishly unapologetic! It's sincerely my pleasure to introduce Dunnuppstyles, Myself to the world of fashion.

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