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Dunnuppstyles was created for an audience that loves fashionably bold and stylish designs. Dunnuppstyles is for ladies who dare to stand out on purpose and who truly want to remain confident in their own skin on an everyday basis! Dunnuppstyles would like more women to start dressing more unapologetically fashionable, stop following the same trends and start setting their own rules by showing out, showing off no matter what others think. Be your own fashionable statement just because you know your worth all the quality fashions and style there is. Be your own style and not someone else's! Sincerely 🌹

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Thank you! A email will be sent to Dunnuppstyles, we will gladly review and respond back to you within 24 hours. Sincerely Dunnuppstyles

Please note that Dunnuppstyles will not be able to honour any bookings unless you have submitted your full deposit before your scheduled appointment. Sorry No Refunds| All Sales Are Final on all fashionable iteams | No call or No show for any scheduled appointments there will be No Refunds issued on your deposit. | No last minute cancellations. We kindly ask that you please make sure that you cancel within 48 hrs in advance of your original scheduled appointment time for all private shopping or interior decorating services in order to receive your deposit. We will be charging you a $75 cancellation fee deducted from your deposit if you don't cancel within the 48 hours. Please make sure that you do follow our guidelines requirements. Sincerely Dunnuppstyles HR.Team

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