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There's an understandable fear that comes along with personal shopping. What if the person buying your things for you doesn't even know how to style or even shop for others, do they even really understand your body and style type? What if you end up looking worse off with something that's definitely isn't you? Dunnuppstyles truly understand there are many questions you may have for us and we're ok with answering them all. Well have no worries... You have just found your winning lottery ticket! Every client is a winner, treated with humility. Dunnuppstyles is carefully detailed with our styling interviews to find out more about clients. This is a 45 to 60 minute extensive style interview. We love connecting with our open minded clientele base before we move into the next steps of our interviews before we even start personally shopping for you privately. After carefully doing our style interviews with you. We will then set you up for another time and date with a follow up live video conference interview threw Zoom before we even start privately shopping for you just to make sure that you are serious interrested in moving forward with our services to start booking our personal styling or personal shopping services. We seriously want to make sure that this is an enjoyable experience for you and us both.This style process will give us a wider understanding on who you are and to carefully make sure that you are a good candidate for our services that we are providing you.We then need to know all about your do's and dont's to achieve the end results that you are aiming for by our exceptional services. All of the stylish garments of clothing are carefully chosen specifically to compliment your body shape, your existing style choice that we both agreed with when doing the style assessment with you. Dunnuppstyles only ask for you to be open minded with our fashionable style suggestions and that you can always be respectful to our style team. We are looking forward to having this enjoyable journey together as we are open arms in helping you feel more stylishly stunning and comfortable. We are thrilled in becoming your new personal stylist or your new shopping advisor. We would love to service you with both services. Dunnuppsty is always keeping a respectable, a loyal fashionable relationship as we will continue to spice up your fashion sense even more better for years to come.Dunnuppstyles appreciates your business,we can't wait for you to see what we are truly gifted, trained to do for all of our lovable clientele. We are looking forward to meeting you as we are getting ready for this extraordinary experience with you. Thank you in advance for allowing us to keep you looking even more fashionably stunning! Sincerely Dunnuppstyles

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