Private Interior Decorating

Private Interior Decorating

Private Interior Decorating


Dunnuppstyles is driven by our passion for the finer things in life, thus we are keenly aware that interior design can have an awesome outcome when the designer has the foresight to see the end results. The Dunnuppstyles designers have the skills to transforms one’s personal space into a masterpiece of perfection. Whether it's completing, furnishing a blank space or revamping/updating an outdated spaces.

When it comes to interior design, Dunnuppstyles takes pride in distinguishing itself from mainstream culture. We have a vision that allows our designers to showcase their creativity. We enjoy transforming spaces both large and small into your personal oasis.

Dunnuppstyles is the creators of a bold new blend of both style and grace, and we want our clientele to adore their new/updated space for decades to come. We welcome you to our world of luxury interior design at its best.

We look forward to meeting you and we thank you in advance for allowing us to keep you and/or your home looking like a elite work of art out of a home decor catalogue.

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Please note that Dunnuppstyles will not be able to honour any bookings unless you have submitted your full deposit before your scheduled appointment. Sorry No Refunds| All Sales Are Final on all fashionable iteams | No call or No show for any scheduled appointments there will be No Refunds issued on your deposit. | No last minute cancellations. We kindly ask that you please make sure that you cancel within 48 hrs in advance of your original scheduled appointment time for all private shopping or interior decorating services in order to receive your deposit. We will be charging you a $75 cancellation fee deducted from your deposit if you don't cancel within the 48 hours. Please make sure that you do follow our guidelines requirements. Sincerely Dunnuppstyles HR.Team

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